Jack-O’-Lantern Carving Guide

Here at Cirro Energy, we love the holiday seasons, and this year you can make your fall décor the best on the block! These handy jack-o’-lantern tips are sure to make your Halloween display spectacular.

Cirro Energy offers a guide to creating the perfect jack-o’-lantern.

  • One of the most important decisions you make when creating the perfect jack-o’-lantern is the choice of pumpkin. You can go to the corner grocery store, of course, but the way to get the freshest pumpkin, while making a family fun day of the experience, is to visit a pick-your-own farm, like the ones listed at Pumpkin Patches and More.
  • Visiting a pumpkin patch or farm yields an interesting variety of pumpkins and gourds. Making a plan ahead of time for how you want your finished product to look is the key to finding the perfect pumpkin for your jack-o’-lantern.
  • Take good care of your pumpkin from the moment you choose it. Never carry it by the stem, which could break, and be careful not to bruise the pumpkin and shorten its life span. Take into account the fact that once it’s carved, a pumpkin won’t last more than about a week, but can decay quicker without the proper care. To care for your jack-o’-lantern, consider a spray-on preserver that will deter mold growth and keep bugs away.
  • Choose the right tools for your project. You can find pumpkin carving kits at your local grocery or big box store, and the tools in these kits are easier to use than ordinary kitchen implements. In the same places where you buy these kits, you can also find templates for elaborate jack-o’-lantern designs, if you’re feeling ambitious.
  • The first step in creating a jack-o’-lantern is prepping your pumpkin. To do this, cut around the stem to form a lid, keeping your cut at an angle so that the lid won’t fall back into the pumpkin, then grasp the stem firmly and pull off the lid. Reach into the pumpkin and pull out all the pumpkin guts, sorting out the seeds to use later for roasting, planting or feeding birds. Make sure to create a flattened space at the bottom of the inside of the pumpkin for your candle.
  • Now it’s time to create the perfect design, and you’re only limited by your imagination! Draw your design on your pumpkin with a pencil, and then create a perforated outline by poking holes along the edges of your design with a sharp tool. You can either punch all the way through or merely scratch the surface of your pumpkin by going halfway through the flesh.
  • Once you’ve outlined your design on the pumpkin, it’s time to finish it. Use a sharp knife one of two ways: either cut all the way through to the inside, or simply etch the design enough that the light can shine through from behind it.
  • Place a light inside the jack-o’-lantern, turn off the lights and enjoy. You can use a votive candle inside a glass candle holder, a battery-operated tea light, or even a string of Christmas lights to illuminate your masterpiece!

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