Everything You Need To Know About Power Surges



Electricity makes our lives so much easier. But what happens when you experience a power surge? We’ve got a guide below to help you understand what a power surge is, what to do when one happens and how to avoid causing one.

What is a power Surge?

“An unexpected increase in voltage that’s higher than normal and can cause damage to your electrical devices and appliances.”

What are the most common causes?

  • Overloading outlets is the most common cause of power surges. A surge can happen when you plug in too many appliances, overuse extension cords or use appliances that exceed the circuit’s capacity.
  • Outdated electrical systems or faulty wiring are another common cause of power surges. It's important to have your home’s wiring professionally checked every 3-5 years.
  • Lightning bolts strike power lines and send the high voltage along the line. The surge can enter your home and damage electrical devices plugged into your outlets.
  • Power failure can be caused by grid failure, fallen power lines from downed tree limbs or car accidents, and wildlife that climb into transformers. When power is restored, electricity will quickly fill the empty power lines, causing a surge in electricity.

Signs you've had a power surge:

Easy ways to prevent power surge damage:

  • Unplug devices not in use, which can also help lower your electricity costs.
  • Plug electronics into surge protector strips or outlet surge protectors to save your devices from spikes in electricity.

What to do after a power surge:

  • Inspect your major appliances, small electronics and power outlets for damage.
  • Reset and repower any electronic devices that were plugged in and reset your circuit breakers.
  • Assess your HVAC system, checking for any damage. If it’s not functioning properly, we recommend consulting a professional.



Now that you understand how power surges work, we have an easy home solution to help protect your electronics from a surge. After you’re enrolled in an electricity plan with Cirro Energy, you can add Surge Protect to get up to $1,000 for repairs and replacement of electronics and small kitchen appliances damaged by power surges.