10 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home



From flipping on the coffeemaker in the morning to turning off the lights at night, electricity makes our lives easier. But it’s important to ensure it’s being used safely. Check out these 10 electricity safety tips:

  1. Check your outlets regularly. Overloaded outlets are a major cause of electrical fires. Check that the total voltage of all the appliances using the outlet doesn’t exceed 120 volts.
  2. Use three-pronged plugs as much as possible. The third prong helps ground your electronics, providing a path for the electricity to follow in case of a short circuit, making it safer to use.
  3. Let professionals repair appliances. If you haven’t been trained to repair electrical appliances, we recommend hiring professionals to avoid any electrical harm.
  4. Replace damaged electrical cords. Cords that are either frayed or cracked should be repaired or replaced, as these signs of damage can lead to an electrical fire or electric shock.
  5. Keep appliances away from water. Protect both yourself and your appliances from harm by handling them with dry hands, and never place appliances around wet areas like sinks or showers.
  6. Allow air to properly circulate around your appliances. When your appliances don’t get the right amount of circulation, they can overheat, and spark an electrical fire.
  7. Be careful around portable heaters. Storing flammable items like clothing, drapery or furniture too close to heaters can quickly result in a fire.
  8. Don’t ignore signs of faulty wiring. Look for signs of flickering lights, which can be an indication of loose or broken wires and can cause an electrical fire.
  9. If you detect a fire, get outside immediately and call 911. The most common signs of an electrical fire are burning smells or warm or loose outlets. If you notice any of these signs, take action immediately by calling in an expert.
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