Save Energy in the Laundry Room



No one likes chores, especially laundry, which many of us do at least once a week. Not only do we frequently partake in this cumbersome chore, but the washer and dryer are among some of the costliest appliances in the home according to the EPA. In fact, many clothes dryers use more energy than your refrigerator.

Fortunately, you can still save energy and increase the life of your clothes, which will save you money in the long run. Follow some of our top tips to save:

  1. Air dry clothing. Because the dryer can use so much energy, the ideal option is to hang laundry outdoors or use a drying rack indoors.
  2. If you choose to use the dryer, don’t overload the drum. Overloading will make the machine work harder to dry its contents. Also, adding dryer balls to each load will expedite the drying process.
  3. As you load the dryer, keep heavier and lighter fabrics in separate loads, cutting dry time. For example, don’t mix heavy towels with lightweight shirts.
  4. Keep the heat of the dryer dispersed evenly! Always remove dryer lint from the filter after each load.
  5. According to the EPA, when available, using a certified Energy Star washer and dryer can save 20-25% on energy.
  6. Choose the highest spin option on your washer, which will remove excess moisture from clothing and cut drying time down.
  7. When washing, always wait until there is a full load. The EPA claims that a washer will use the same amount of energy regardless of load size.
  8. Heating water can be costly! Try washing with warm water to save energy or wash with tap-cool water to save even more! When washing with cool water, be sure to choose a detergent designed to clean without heat.

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