How to Stay Cool During the Summer



With the warmer months here, we all start heading to our thermostats to get that cool air moving. Unfortunately, doing so can raise an energy bill by quite a lot if you’re not careful. If you are looking to be a little bit thriftier with your air conditioning this summer, the following are some quick tips to help keep your bill from spiking too much while still staying cool.

Cook Meals Outdoors

We’re not saying to stop eating cooked foods in the summer! However, using the stove and oven creates a great deal of heat during and after the meal. This heat that sticks around is great for the winter but not so pleasant for the summer. Switch out a few cooked meals a week with grilling outdoors, and your home’s temperature will thank you.

Clean With Heat After the Sun Goes Down

Examples of this would be doing the laundry or washing dishes. Hot water and the humidity from both activities will raise the temperature of the air around them, unintentionally heating the home. If you can, keep these activities on hold during the warmest parts of day.

Fight Off the Greenhouse Effect

The sun beating down during the summer can create excess heat in the home. The sun shines through windows and in turn heats the indoors, which is the greenhouse effect. Fight it off by keeping your blinds shut and curtains drawn. If you enjoy having blinds open, only use the windows facing away from the sun.

Add Additional Shading to the Exterior of Your Home

We all know that trees and their shade offer significant relief from the sun’s heat. A similar and more immediate effect for the home (rather than waiting years for a newly planted tree to grow) would be to add shaded awnings or weather-proof shutters to the exterior of windows. This will provide extra protection from the outdoors and help the cool air indoors stay cool.

Keep an Eye on A/C Filters

Extra air filters for the A/C unit are imperative to keep on hand. When the filters are clean, the air flows more efficiently and cools more easily. Dirty filters block some of the air from flowing easily, causing the A/C unit to work harder, leading to pricier bills.

Summer is a favorite time of year for many, so don’t let anything prevent you from enjoying it. Take extra precautions in your home to stay cool and efficient, and your wallet and comfort level will thank you.

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