The Difference Between Your Energy and Utility Company



Yes, there is a difference between your energy and utility company! Each company works with the other as a team to provide your home or business with power. If you are unaware of their difference, that’s okay because the confusion between them is common!

Your Energy Provider

Cirro Energy, your energy provider, is responsible for your energy plan, the billing, and any customer care issues that may arise with the plan or billing. Some energy providers also offer additional home services. This includes helpful add-ons to keep your home or business performing safely, such as Cirro’s Surge Protect or Electric Line Protect.

Your energy provider is not involved directly with power outages. If you are experiencing an outage, please notify your utility company.

Your Utility Company

The utility company (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider [TDSP]) distributes power to homes and businesses. If there are downed wires, power outages, damaged poles, etc., the utility company will repair and restore accordingly. Thus, in the event of a power outage, it is best to contact your utility company directly to report the issue and receive the quickest resolution.

Your TDSP is also responsible for measuring (k/Wh) how much power is consumed per household. They will display these measurements to your energy provider. The energy provider will apply these numbers to the consumer’s energy plan every month in the form of a bill.

Which Utility Company Serves My Area?

Each area of Texas is different, so be sure you contact the correct utility. Click the links to see which area each utility serves.

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