How to Save Energy with a Power Strip

power strip

Many of us know of the tell-tale appliances we keep in our home that continue to use energy when not in use. Frequently called “vampire” appliances, you can give yourself a refresh about the most common offenders that use ample standby power here.

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How to Save Time and Energy in the Kitchen this Holiday Season

save energy in the kitchen

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s safe to say that the kitchen is the room in your home that gets the most attention. In order to maximize the amount of time you spend with your family and loved ones, we’ve come up with a list of kitchen tips that’ll not only save energy but save time, so you can focus on celebrating.

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Save Energy in the Laundry Room

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No one likes chores, especially laundry, which many of us do at least once a week. Not only do we frequently partake in this cumbersome chore, but the washer and dryer is among one of the costliest appliances in the home according to the EPA. In fact, many clothes dryers use more energy than your refrigerator.

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