My power went out. What now?

Power outages. We’ve all experienced them at one point or another. Sometimes they’re nothing more than a short-lived annoyance. Sometimes they become stressful, especially the longer the outage perseveres. Be prepared for an outage by storing your utility company’s contact information nearby so you can report unstable power. It’s easy and ensures that you’re on track to having power restored as quickly as possible!

What Should I Do?

If you lose power, contact your utility company by calling from your cell phone or through a form on their website. Each area of Texas is different, so be sure to contact the correct utility. Click the links below to see which area the utility company serves.

Your utility company and a matching phone number can also be found on any bill statement from Cirro Energy. It is important you always report the outage as this helps your utility company know if the problem is isolated or widespread. Many utility companies offer up-to-date maps on their website of current known outages, where reports occurred, and an estimated restoration time.

While you wait, be sure to stay safe and don’t take any chances until power is safely restored. This means that you and your family should stay inside (if the cause is from bad weather) and not attempt to clean up any debris or damaged equipment. This includes keeping a close eye on any children or pets. It is also important to stay away from standing water that is near an appliance, and avoid any utility boxes, wires, or poles.

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