Cirro Energy Gears Up for “Back To School” Season with Plano ISD Contribution

Cirro Energy, a subsidiary of Dominion Resources, will help hundreds of schoolchildren at Frankford Middle School in Plano ISD in Texas, gain a competitive edge in their education with a donation to the Plano ISD Foundation. The $1,000 contribution will fund nine much needed electronic balances to expand math and science education as a part of the North Texas STEM program. The STEM initiative includes academics, professional development centers and a network designed to improve instruction and academic performance in science and mathematics-related subjects at Texas schools, and in this case specifically Plano ISD.

Stem Program
Stem Program

“Gaining an education with a focus on STEM subjects is a critical component to succeed in many key roles in the energy industry,” said Mike Rose, managing director of Cirro Energy. “Nurturing science and math skills will help prepare children for the future. That’s why Cirro Energy supports the measures that Plano ISD takes to help our youth excel.”

The electronic balances are an integral part of the curriculum for the STEM program. Students use them to measure the mass of such things as caterpillars, snails and various elements. Currently, there is not enough equipment for classroom participation to be effective. Since students share, this gift would benefit 30 children each period, impacting approximately 200 students each day.

“We’re grateful to Cirro Energy for supporting the Plano ISD Education Foundation as a corporate partner,” said Carlos Sastoque, Plano ISD executive director. “Through their generosity, we will continue to impact middle school children in our STEM Program. Cirro Energy understands the importance of providing all children in our community with a quality public education.”

Cirro Energy is joining other local corporations in addition to Plano ISD to enhance the STEM Program and support hundreds of schoolchildren each day. The company has a longstanding commitment to education and community service. For more information on Cirro Energy, visit, or connect with Cirro Energy on Facebook or Twitter.