Water Conservation Tips in Texas

Cirro Energy offers water conservation tips for the home and family that can help save money, water and the environment.For many Texas residents, drought conditions take a toll on both your home and your wallet. Water conservation efforts are essential in order to ensure families have access to the water necessary in the hottest months. More importantly, it ensures that the area’s natural resources are not depleted, polluted or otherwise damaged.

Small steps in water conservation can have a real, lasting effect on how drought affects your home and your neighborhood. You can be part of the solution for everyone and save money. Here are a few water conservation tips to help you get started:

  1. Evaluate your plumbing. Water conservation is a great reason to check your home’s plumbing thoroughly. Check each faucet, connector, hose and pipe around the house for leaks, and fix the ones you’re able to. Call a handyman for the ones you can’t fix and as soon as possible, replace parts that are no longer functional. You may also want to replace shower heads and toilets to WaterSense-labeled equipment, which allows you to use less water, thereby saving water and money.
  2. Tweak your bathroom habits. Long gone should be the days of the long showers. Keep showers to a five-minute maximum rather than taking long, drawn-out baths, which use up an average of 70 gallons per bath. Old toilets can be replaced with water-saving toilets that have dual-flush functions for more efficient waste management.
  3. Conserve in the kitchen. The kitchen is another place where you can conserve water. First, remember that washing dishes by hand uses up more water than running the dishwasher, so if you have a dishwasher, go ahead and run it. At the same time, remember to only run it when it’s full to prevent unnecessary water usage.
  4. Revamp your gardening strategy. Water conservation isn’t just reserved for inside the home. Your garden is a great place to save water and money as well. Believe it or not, starting a compost pile is one way to save water.  Using compost material for your landscaping adds water-retaining organic material that allows you to go longer without watering your plants. Group plants in your landscape according to their watering needs, and redirect rain gutters and runoff to places where your plants can receive the extra water.
  5. Monitor your water usage. Staying on top of your water usage monthly can make a huge difference in the way you approach water conservation as a whole. Check your bill for unusually high usage, and learn how to read your meters to understand where in your home there might be leaks or unnecessarily high water usage.

Want to learn more about water conservation in Texas? There are a number of resources which can provide you with valuable information regarding water conservation efforts in your area, as well as drought resources and practical information on what you can do to help the environment and your community.

Cirro Energy is committed to water conservation and its impact on the environment, and we believe that by helping families thrive in all areas of the home, we are doing our part in helping the community.

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