Back-to-School Safety Tips

Cirro Energy shares back-to-school safety tips to prepare your kids for the new school year.  As kids head back to school, safety is at the forefront of parents’ minds. No matter what age your children may be, it’s easy to worry about dangers lurking everywhere, from the route to school to the school itself. Cirro Energy has some back-to-school safety tips to set your mind at ease and help protect your children from harm.

  • If you have bus riders, make sure they know how to safely wait for, as well as enter and exit, the bus. Children should stay at least 6 feet away from the road while waiting and avoid roughhousing or playing in a way that could be careless around traffic. It’s important for kids to wait for the bus to stop completely and the door to open before they approach it, and once they’re on the bus, they should take a seat immediately and refrain from any behavior that could distract the driver. When exiting the bus, children should use the handrail and make sure that once they’re off the bus, they can see the driver and the driver can see them before they cross in front of the bus.
  • When kids walk or ride their bikes to school, they should be very aware of their surroundings. Make it a rule that they always walk on the sidewalk if possible, and if there’s no sidewalk available, walk facing the traffic. Children need to know to look both ways before crossing streets, never dart out from between parked cars, and cross at crosswalks whenever possible. If your children bike to school, make helmet use mandatory and teach them the rules of the road.
  • Stranger danger is a real thing. When you’re preparing your kids to go back to school, safety talks should include a refresher course on not talking to strangers. Put a buddy system rule in place, so no child is ever left walking home alone, and teach your children not to go anywhere with someone they don’t know, even if the person seems to have a legitimate reason that they should. Children should know exactly which adults are allowed to pick them up from school and know to never leave school with anyone else.
  • At school, one of the biggest threats to back-to-school safety is the presence of bullies. If they’re being bullied, teach them to walk away and get to a safe place, trying not to show emotion or engage with the bully. Make sure they know that bullying is a big deal and to always tell an adult if they witness any bullying incident.
  • Teach your kids playground safety. Sure, it’s fun to climb to the very highest point of the playground equipment, but it’s more important to avoid serious injury, so teach children safe playground practices. Check out the playground at your child’s school, and talk to school officials if it seems unsafe. Playgrounds should have soft surfaces, not concrete, to make falls less dangerous. Additionally, adequate adult supervision should be in place, not only to prevent injury, but also to monitor interaction and insure that no one is being bullied.

Cirro Energy cares about back-to-school safety, because we care about seeing families thrive. Check back every month for new blogs on helpful electricity tips and advice that fits your lifestyle. To compare and see the Cirro Energy advantage, check out our residential comparison page and make the switch today. Cirro Energy, the easy choice for people who like easy choices.