Choosing a Dependable Energy Company in Texas

Choosing an energy company in Texas is a right that Texas homeowners have had for over a decade. Since deregulation of the industry, Texans have enjoyed the same distribution and transmission systems they have always had, but now competition between companies means better service and lower prices. Of course, every company will present their own advantages, so how can a consumer make the best decision? When you are ready to choose an energy company in Texas, consider these tips:

  • Research each company before you make a decision. Do not go with the first company that comes along, but find out exactly what options are available before you make a decision.
  • Decide on what is important to you.Make a list of things that matter to you, like cost, 24/7 local customer service, green energy, surge protection, etc.,
    Energy Company In Texas

    and use this list to narrow the field.

  • Make sure the company you are considering is a licensed provider in good standing. You can confirm this by checking the Public Utility Commission of Texas website.
  • Understand the different services available. New technologies bring new types of services, so make sure you have assessed your personal needs and take advantage of options like mobile account service, eBill and free credit card payments.
  • Compare the rates of each local energy company in Texas. Understand the price per kWh, because the lower your price per kWh, the lower your electric bill will be. Ask about current market conditions, and look at both promotional rates and less risky long term fixed prices.
  • Know your company’s background. Working with an electricity supplier that also uses renewable energy sources may be a preference, and knowing the history of your company will give you a sense of its reputation. Do some online research, talk to friends who have used the company, and check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure your company has an A+ rating.  Look for strong financial backing by a Fortune 500 company.
  • Understand the terms of your agreement. Be clear on things like fees for calling customer service or paying with a credit card.  Be aware of any cancellation fees or term commitments .

If you are looking for an energy company in Texas, consider Cirro Energy.  With exceptional customer service, smart money saving plans and online account management, Cirro is the choice of more than one hundred thousand Texans. To learn more about Cirro Energy visit our website. Also, join our community on Facebook and Twitter for more money saving tips and information.

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Texas New Home Buying Checklist

Buying a home can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, and if you are looking for a home in Texas you might find it easier with a Texas new home buying checklist. Whether you want an existing home or new construction, there are some common tasks to complete in order to make the process go more smoothly, from shopping for a mortgage to looking for a Texas electric company. Here is a list to get you started:

Get pre-financed for a mortgage.The very first step in your Texas new home

Texas New Home Buying Checklist

buying checklist should be to secure preapproval, which involves finding the best rate, deciding on a type of mortgage and educating yourself on your credit score and which programs are available for you.
Make a Texas new home buying checklist of your own, detailing what is important to you in a new home. Neighborhood, square footage, schools and many other factors can play a role, but only you can make an accurate list of your priorities. Do some research to learn what is available, and get a general idea of what you want before you start to look.
Next, find a trustworthy real estate broker. You want an agent who understands your needs, and with whom you have good chemistry. Ask friends for recommendations, read reviews and find an agency with a reputation for honesty and good in-house resources. Your agent can help you find a home, negotiate price and handle all the details of the purchase.
Do your homework on possible properties. Be sure you know any zoning changes, property tax information or other restrictions.
Make sure to have a thorough home inspection. Have time written into your contract for the inspector to do a thorough job checking out your property before the sale goes through. Your inspection may open an opportunity to renegotiate the price of your home.

Once you have found your dream house, the Texas new home buying checklist will change to a different kind of to-do list.

In Texas, electric company choice is up to you. In some states, consumers do not have options, but Texans are lucky enough to make their own decision in the matter. The deregulation of electricity means that consumers have the same transmission and distribution they have always had, but companies have an incentive to compete, which can mean lower electric rates and better service.
Make sure to have your mail forwarded. The USPS has helpful kits to help you handle this detail. While you are thinking about mail delivery, update your magazine subscriptions and consider a newspaper subscription to help you get to know your new town.
Register your children for school. The sooner your kids can get into a new routine, the sooner they will feel settled. It is important for every member of your family to feel an ownership of your new home.
Get a new driver’s license and register your vehicle. This might be a good time to reassess your insurance needs, find a new doctor and register to vote.
Keep detailed records and receipts of your move. Make sure all your appliances and furniture is in good condition because insurance often has a window of opportunity for claims, after which you can lose money to which you were entitled. You will also need these receipts when you are doing your taxes.

With some careful planning, and this Texas new home buying checklist, your move can be a smooth transition. With Cirro Energy, your electric needs can be met just as easily. To learn more about Cirro Energy visit our website. Also, join our community on Facebook and Twitter for more money saving tips and information.

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