Spread #PositiveEnergy All Year

At Cirro Energy, our team participates in giving back to our community throughout the year. It’s easy, simple, and a great way to support others in need. It is important to us that we focus on not just providing energy for your home but helping to spread positive energy by giving back to our neighbors in need. We hope what we do inspires you to do the same.

Donate electronics.

Let’s face it, electronics come and go quickly in this day and age. However, there is ample opportunity for these gently used electronics (cell phones, printers, TVs) to still be put to good use. We choose to donate our gently used items, and when we must dispose of them completely, we always recycle. Our team encourages donations across all platforms, so be sure to check out your local humane society, your city’s family services, or other donation centers that could greatly use gently used items.

Participate in canned food drives.

Throughout the year, our team collects canned goods and gift cards for food drives. While extremely popular during the holidays, canned drives take place every month of the year. We just clear out our pantry with cans we are not using (that are still in date!) or pick up a few extra cans at the store. Those in need in turn receive another warm meal.

Help others achieve success.

We participate in Dress for Success clothes drives during the year. Women bring in clothing, accessories, and shoes for other women that are experiencing challenging circumstances. The clothes drive helps to provide women in need with new attire for job interviews. There are various organizations throughout our state that cater to specific causes such as this, so just check with your community’s website to see where you can help.

At Cirro Energy, we offer convenient and easy home solutions such as Electric Line Protect, Surge Protect, and Electric Line with Surge Protect that is provided by Allied Warranty. For more information on home solutions, click here. Check back every month for new blogs on helpful electricity tips and easy living lifestyle advice. To compare and see the Cirro advantage, check out our residential comparison page and make the switch today. Cirro Energy, the easy choice for people who like easy choices.

To speak with a Cirro representative, you can e-mail us or contact us by phone:

Call: 1.800.MY.CIRRO
Residential Hours: Daily 7 am – 10pm CST
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Take Advantage of Our Simple Solutions

At Cirro Energy, we pride ourselves on offering simple solutions that make navigating your electricity account easy and customizable. We give you the power to choose how you want to use your account! Continue reading to see how you can maximize the benefits of using Cirro Energy.

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6 Simple and Easy Ways to Efficiently Keep Your Home Warm This Fall and Winter

There’s always a sweet spot between the hot and cold seasons in Texas. For a few weeks out of the year, we have transitional weather that makes it comfortable indoors without turning on the air conditioning or the heater. However, as sudden as the transition season, chilly nights turn into chilly days and we begin to run our heaters. While we always associate high energy bills with air conditioning and the sweltering summer heat, heating your home is, on average, one of the biggest energy expenses. In fact, The US Department of Energy claims that heating your home may take up 45% of your energy bill. Wouldn’t you like to do everything you can to help lower that?

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