Houston Electricity Company | Staying Organized When School is Out

A Houston electricity company with deep roots in the community, Cirro knows that for families, each season brings its own set of challenges. In the summer time when school is out, there are lots of opportunities for family fun and togetherness. On the other hand, the disruption of regularly scheduled activity that comes with summer vacation can make it hard to stay organized. Never fear — your Houston electricity company has some suggestions to make summer organization a breeze.

  • Utilize your village. School may be out, but for the most part adults still have all the responsibilities they had during the school year. You may feel pressured to accomplish all your normal tasks while your kids are home for the summer, but remember- many other parents feel the same way. Reach out to other parents to lighten everyone’s loads, using carpooling, sleepovers and playdates to divide the labor and give each other a break. This shared time will also help your children to develop lasting bonds with their peers.
  • Maintain normal activities. Just because kids are on vacation doesn’t mean they have nothing to do. Do your children practice piano during the school year? Do they have a normal reading time in the evening? Are they responsible for certain chores around the house? Even though they are out of school, kids can still be held accountable for their normal responsibilities. Keeping up with their reading and practicing can help them succeed when school starts back up in the fall, too.
  • Have a plan, and set clear expectations. You don’t have to have every moment scheduled during the summer, but it helps if your family has regular waking and sleeping times, and a plan to keep the house tidy. It’s not a bad idea to have a family meeting at the beginning of the summer, to discuss your summer plans, and let everyone know how you envision the summer. Make calendars, lists and charts to be sure everyone’s on the same page.

Staying organized during the summer may be a challenge. Finding a Houston electricity company to meet your family’s needs should not be. Cirro Energy offers plans that can save you money and convenient features like mobile account management to simplify your busy life. For more summer and electricity savings tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!