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homeowners-cirro-energyFor homeowners, the top of the resolution list is often to make home improvements, and we at Cirro Energy would like to share a simple fact: sometimes the biggest results come from paying attention to the smallest details. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to spruce up your home, you’ll want to see this list of little tasks that homeowners tend to overlook.

  • Clean the washer. How often do you wipe down your washing machine? Take the time to give it a good cleaning, and you’ll find it looks and smells better. Wipe the exterior, clean inside the lid, check the rubber door seal on a front loader for mildew and remove the fabric softener dispenser to the sink to give it a good scrubbing. Then, run the empty washer on the hottest setting, with 2 cups of vinegar in the wash water.
  • While you’re in the laundry room, clean the dryer’s lint vent. This is actually a big thing disguised as a small thing! Most homeowners clean the lint filter when they use the dryer, but how many of us take the time to use a long brush on the whole vent or make sure the air is flowing well to the exterior? These are important steps to take to reduce the risk of a dryer fire.
  • Wipe down your fan blades. Dust them with a pillow case, to contain the dust and keep it off the furniture and floor.
  • Clean your window treatments. Drapery and blinds can catch dust, dirt and germs, so make sure to take curtains down from time to time for a good washing. Make cleaning blinds easier by simply opening and closing them several times, so that dust falls to the floor where it can be easily wiped up or vacuumed.
  • Don’t neglect your small appliances. Cleaning your microwave can make it more energy efficient. Toaster ovens can also benefit from a good cleaning, and now is a good time to wipe down the outside of your slow cooker, coffee maker and other kitchen gadgets.
  • Your stovetop wants your attention, too. Have you noticed the gunk under your burner rings or on your glass top? A solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will get your stovetop sparkling clean.
  • How are your showers looking? If they’re a little moldy, the easiest way to remedy this is to spray the whole surface with bleach cleaner or mold remover, leave it to sit for 15-20 minutes, then wipe it down.
  • Dust the things you don’t usually notice. This includes corners, hard-to-reach places, and the back of your television, stereo or computer monitor.
  • While you’re looking for things to address, don’t forget light bulbs and batteries. It’s easy to overlook burned out bulbs in multi-bulb fixtures, so now is a good time to replace whatever needs changing. If you didn’t change out the batteries in your smoke detectors when the time changed, go ahead and do that now.

While you’re looking around your home for little things to fix, there’s a big thing you might want to double-check: your energy rates. Cirro Energy has deep roots in Texas and loves being close to the homeowners and communities we serve, providing energy to families across this great state. To connect with other Cirro customers, follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter, or visit the Cirro Energy website to learn more about how we can help your family find the best utility plan to fit your lifestyle.

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