Cirro Energy | Storing Holiday Decor

If you’re like many homeowners, the joy that holiday decor brings during the season slowly fades away when it comes time to take it down. However, rushing through the process of putting the lights and decorations away can lead to a costly and possibly dangerous mess.

Keep your holiday decor in safe and usable condition for next year with these safety tips from Cirro Energy.The key to storing your holiday decor is being careful, patient and aware. Here are some safety tips to ensure your family can enjoy cherished decor for years to come.

  • Be nice to your ornaments. When taking down ornaments from your beautiful Christmas tree, it’s important to be as gentle with the process of taking them down as you were when you first put them up. To store ornaments, wrap them in tissue or bubble wrap, and place them in a storage bin with cardboard separators. An ornament storage chest is a great buy for those who have lots of delicate ornaments they use year after year.
  • Keep the lights strung. It’s tempting to simply take holiday lights down, bunch them up and stick them in a box somewhere until next year. Resist the temptation! Improper storage of the lights can cause damage to the wiring, which can be dangerous when you hang up the lights again next year. Be sure to string the lights to avoid tangling, and store them carefully in a storage container by themselves to avoid other things breaking the bulbs.
  • Tag team the tree. When it comes time to put away holiday decor and take the tree to the curb, many hands make lighter (and safer) work. Sweeping up the stray needles goes by in a flash with two people, too!
  • Label and store until next year. There’s little doubt you’ll likely end up with many boxes once you’ve put up all the holiday decor. Be sure to label each box, carefully and clearly identifying fragile items. Store your decor in a safe, cool place, away from heavy foot traffic.

Storing your holiday decor safely will ensure that decorating your home for the holiday season is joyous year after year. For additional holiday safety and energy saving tips visit the Cirro Energy blog, and find out how you can save on your electricity bill check out Cirro Energy’s low fixed-priced plans. You can also follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter.