7 Simple Steps to Save Time during Your Day

Simplifying daily life isn’t always easy, but there are some simple steps you can take to save time along the way. With so many pressures from work, family and other commitments, it often seems we run out of hours! With a bit of planning and by following a few simple steps, you’ll find ways to stretch your time budget to meet the demands of a hectic schedule.


  • Manage hectic mornings by planning at night. Make lunches, pack simple-stepsbackpacks and briefcases, set the timer on the coffee pot, and choose everyone’s outfits the night before, and mornings will be a breeze. Updating your to-do list at night is a good idea too, as is arranging your work area before leaving the office the previous workday. Then, keep everything you need in a spot that is neatly organized and easily accessible, and plan to leave five minutes earlier than usual, to avoid feeling stressed by unexpected delays.
  • Simplify your routines by having the right information. Plan your commute so that you’ll encounter the least traffic and avoid trouble spots, and know whether the stairs or elevator will be fastest.  If there’s a coworker who always wants you to stop and chat, get to your desk via a different route. By knowing the time wasters in your day, you can create routines that circumvent them.
  • Keep communication under control. Email can be a huge distraction, so designate specific times in your day to check and return messages. Then turn off message notifications, so that you aren’t distracted. Caller ID is a boon, too, and has created one of the best simple steps to avoid distraction: call screening! Use it to your advantage, and don’t get pulled away from things you need to do by conversations you can have at a more convenient time.
  • Use downtime wisely. Whether you’re sitting in a waiting room or on hold with a client, or your computer is simply moving slowly, or a big print job is holding you hostage, use these times productively. These little pockets of time can add up to a surprising chunk, which can be used to tweak your schedule, check your voicemail, or handle other small tasks that would otherwise derail your productivity.
  • Save hours, by saving minutes at a time. Is there a ten-minute task you simple-steps-Cirro-Energycan omit from your morning routine? Can you shave off a few minutes by combining errands? Is there something you can delegate to make your day run more efficiently? Look at your schedule with a critical eye; you may be able to find some simple steps that will save time and trouble.
  • Break up your day. It may sound counter intuitive  but taking short breaks throughout the day can actually recharge your batteries, amp up your energy and increase your productivity. Make sure you take a break for lunch, too. While it may seem like you’re saving time by working through the noontime meal, your mind, body and spirit will benefit from the break.
  • Simplify your energy solutions. Cirro Energy is simple! Easy to set up, and easy to manage through online account access, Cirro simplifies your life with low fixed rates, and a bill that is easy to understand.


By taking some simple steps, you can make your life easier, whether you’re trying to save time, looking to save money, or simply trying to manage energy costs. To see more energy-saving solutions or for more information about Cirro Energy, your Plano, Texas based electricity provider, visit https://www.cirroenergy.com today! Also, join our communities by liking Cirro Energy on Facebook and following @CirroEnergyTX on Twitter to stay up to date on current news and trends in the energy industry.