When to Switch Electric Providers

Having deregulated utilities in Texas provides a great opportunity for consumers to change electricity companies in order to get the best service and rates. Electric service providers compete for business by creating plans to keep rates low while challenging each other to

When to switch electricity providers

provide top quality customer service.  There’s no doubt this competition benefits consumers, but it may be difficult to know when it’s time to switch electric providers. Along with Cirro Energy, Power to Choose, Texas’ Electric Choice education program, has some tips to help you decide.

  •  The first obvious factor involves your contract. Some electric providers offer variable rate month-to-month plans with no minimum contract term. Others offer a fixed rate term of three months or more. Be sure to understand your contract and where you are in the contract term before making a move.
  • Decide if you are satisfied with your provider. Even if the answer is “yes,” you may be able to get a lower rate by switching to a different plan within the same company.
  • Look into the electric provider’s company background.  Take a moment and do some online research and check into the electric companies you are considering.  Check out the Better Business Bureau and also look to see if the company is strong financially, even backed by a Fortune 500 company.
  • Ask yourself, “Which of the electricity providers in my area offers the best variety of plans?”  Learn more about fixed, variable, and indexed electricity rates so that you can choose the electricity plan and provider that best suits your needs. A variable rate can fluctuate each month; an indexed rate is tied to a specific formula; and a fixed rate will stay the same, but requires a contract. Electric providers with a variety of plans can offer more flexibility should you need to change from one plan to another.

 If you are thinking of switching electricity companies, consider Cirro Energy. With a wide variety of money-saving plans, online and mobile account management, and convenient no-fee payment options, Cirro provides excellent local customer service to over 150,000 customers across the state of Texas. Visit the Cirro Energy website to learn more, or plug into the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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