Earth Day In Texas

Changing the world is hard work! Earth Day in Texas is just around the corner on April 22 and we wanted to share some easier ideas you may want to try out as you think about helping the environment and ways you can save money. A small effort over a single day may help you to decide what might really be a good fit for your lifestyle in the future. Here are some simple efforts you may want to try out:

Earth Day In Texasare some simple efforts you may want to try out:

Think about your commute. Automobiles are some of the top polluters that each person has control of. Just changing your habits for one day can have an impact.

Replace your light bulbs. Start small by replacing a couple of your most used incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. CFLs last longer, give off less heat and use less energy.

Seal any drafts. Replacing weather-strips and caulk around your doors and windows saves money on your energy bill by reducing your energy consumption.

Save water. Try and turn off running water while shaving or brushing your teeth. Those few minutes of running water can really add up.

Cook outside. A benefit of grilling season is that it eliminates the use of indoor appliances.

Plant a tree. Whether you are celebrating Earth Day in Texas, or in another state, planting a tree will have a positive and long-lasting effect on the environment. Trees rid the air of carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen, helping us all to breathe easier. In addition, the roots act as a natural filtration system for water sources, and trees hold the soil in place, helping to prevent erosion and flooding.

Earth Day in Texas is a great time to think about the environment and the electric company you choose.

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