Cirro Energy | 5 DIY Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Cirro-Energy-Outdoor-DecorationsThe holiday season is fun for everyone, but it holds a special appeal for homeowners. The chance to decorate the house and yard is so irresistible that some people go overboard every year!  Even those with subtler taste, however, can have fun making their home festive for the holidays. Looking to dress up your yard for the holiday season but don’t want to spend a fortune in money or time? Here, Cirro Energy offers some fun DIY holiday decorating ideas that will look great in any homeowner’s front yard. Even better, these projects can be done with your kids!

  • Create a wreath to hang on your door or mailbox. This ribbon wreath is not only festive, it’s also super easy to make! All you need to know is how to tie a ribbon, and you’re all set.
  • Hang plastic ornaments on trees in the front yard – so if they fall they will not break. As all homeowners know, it’s important to steer clear of objects that will make your yard dangerous. These cute plastic ornaments are inexpensive, and they look great hanging from a tree or even from your eaves.
  • Make giant lollipops. With little more than hollow plastic balls and PVC pipe, you can transform your yard into a candy wonderland!
  • Turn ordinary yardsticks into a unique decorative star. This is easy and inexpensive, and once you have assembled your star, you can make it your own, decorating it with wreath, light strands or anything else you dream up.
  • Design a decorated lantern for your porch or front yard. The beauty of this simple craft is that you can easily change out your design elements seasonally to make it the perfect decoration for any holiday.

No matter how you dress up your holidays, the season is all about celebrating family and getting back to your roots. Here at Cirro Energy, our roots are deeply entrenched in Texas.  We love being close to the communities we serve and providing energy to homeowners and their families across this great state. To connect with other Cirro customers, follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about how Cirro Energy can help your family find the best utility plan, visit our website.