Cirro Energy | Twisted Tailgate BBQ

Nothing says “autumn” louder and more effortlessly than the sights and sounds of tailgate season. A great fall tailgate with family and friends is highlighted by wonderful game day staples, from hot dogs and burgers to chili and hot wings.

This year, why not try a different barbecue recipe? Rather than sticking to the ordinary, non-traditional barbecue choices may be the ones that make your next gathering over-the-top memorable. And remember, presentation and theme are key. Here are some great ideas for livening up your next tailgate barbecue.

Experiment with new twists on old appetizers. Deviled eggs are a traditional appetizer for many get-togethers and barbecue celebrations, but this Cajun twist on an old classic is sure to make your guests come back for more. What about a baby potato salad? With just a few ingredients that you either have at home, or can make from scratch, you can achieve a fresh new taste that will send your taste buds into another world. Pairing up some traditional appetizers with some not-so-traditional ingredients can make for a memorable start to your gathering

Create an unusual but fun presentation. This goes for food as well as for ambiance. Why not leave the ears of corn on the husk, or serve ribs and chicken in butcher paper instead of on plates? Color can bring a great deal of fun to your gathering as well. Use supplies in your team’s colors to show off your spirit, or use little chalkboard signs to label the various foods and drinks available. Have a brisket cutting station or a burger topping station with unusual options like pimento cheese or guacamole.

Take the whole party outside. Whether you’ll be tailgating from home or the stadium, you should still take the party outdoors! Lawn games, lounge chairs and outdoor table settings will make even the most traditional party feel fun and new. Serve dishes in single-serve sized mason jars with lids, individualize desserts, and prepare things ahead of time in a creative way to have it all ready for your guests.

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