Cirro Energy | Energy Saving Tips for Holiday Decorations

Cirro-Energy-Texas-Electricity-CompanyThe holidays are one time of year that energy saving tips are welcomed by just about everyone. All those gifts are expensive enough, so don’t let holiday decorations overpower your energy bill. Instead, follow these simple steps for extra savings this season:

  • Using LED holiday lights is a smart move since they use less power than regular lights. How much money will you save? It depends on how many lights you use. A home with a bright display could save up to $250! That money could get you a bunch of stocking stuffers!
  • Plugging light strands into a power strip makes them easy to turn off and unplug during the day. This energy saving tip can be easily applied to many other energy intensive devices around the house as well. Unplugging power strips during the day will help keep lights and power sucking electronics from unnecessarily draining power.
  • Put indoor and outdoor decorative lights on a timer. There is no reason to leave them on all night when no one will be seeing them. Shoot for 6 hours or less each day to keep them turned on.
  • Turn off and unplug lights and decorations in the rooms that are not being used. If no one is enjoying them, they’re using energy for no reason. Remember, even when switched off, a decorative display can still use energy if it remains plugged in.
  • Use battery-powered decorations when possible. Battery-powered candles can go a long way toward decorating your home for the holidays. They provide just the right amount of soft light, they look elegant and the batteries last a long time. If you invest in rechargeable batteries, you’ll save even more in the long run!
  • Place fabric or cloth ribbon decorations along window seals to decoratively keep the cold out and the warm in. Just like other products made to keep cold air from rushing under doors, these decorations can help keep you and your company toasty.
  • Cook your holiday meals in large batches. That way, you can save energy by reheating them in the microwave rather than firing up the oven over and over again.

Following these energy saving tips can help you save money on your electricity bill through the holiday season. No matter how you serve them up, the holidays are all about celebrating family and getting back to your roots. Here at Cirro Energy, our roots are deeply entrenched in Texas. We love being close to the communities we serve, providing energy to families across this great state. To connect with other Cirro customers and learn more energy saving tips, follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter, or learn more about how Cirro Energy can help your family find the best utility plan by visiting our website.