Dallas Electricity Company | Finally Organize Your Garage This Spring


Cirro Energy is a Dallas electricity company deeply connected to the community, and we know how hard people strive to have a well organized home. We also understand how hard it is to carry this organization all the way through to the garage! Most of us use our garage as a storage unit rather than their intended purpose: sheltering our vehicles from the elements and unpredictable Texas weather. With spring and summer comes the potential for stormy weather, so now is the time to get your garage in shape using these tips from your friendly neighborhood Dallas electricity company.

  • Start by becoming prepared. Allocate plenty of time for the project, preferably a couple of days in succession, and don’t try to do it all by yourself. Make it a family project, enlist the help of friends or hire a professional.  You’ll find the process will go much more smoothly with many hands to do the work. Have cardboard boxes on hand for temporary storage, and wait to purchase your permanent storage until you have a clear idea of what will remain in the garage.
  • The first step of organization is cutting down your clutter. Look at everything you’re storing in your garage with a critical eye and the intention to reduce it. Separate out all the things you want to keep, donate to charity or put into a garage sale pile all the things you no longer want but are still usable, and discard or recycle the rest.
  • Store what you decide to keep in clear plastic bins. This will allow you to see exactly what’s in each container. Label them, too, either writing on labels or using erasable marker, so that you can change the labeling as it becomes necessary.
  • Use wire shelves for storage. Wire shelves are easy to move around and adjust. This makes it convenient to store a variety of things on one set of shelves. A pegboard is also a valuable tool in the garage because it allows you to hang tools, add additional shelving as needed, and even mount spice jars to hold small things like screws and nails.
  • Organize your garage into zones. Placing all your camping gear in one area, tools in another area, and sporting goods in another will help you find the things you need quickly and efficiently. Store the things you use most frequently in areas that are more easily accessible.
  • Plan to organize on a regular basis. By setting up a schedule and planning to work on the garage every few months or so, you’ll be able to keep your garage neat and well organized, so that it never becomes an overwhelming job again!

Having a garage that shelters your cars may lower your insurance rates, and Cirro Energy is a Dallas electricity company that can save you money by lowering your energy rates. For more lifestyle and energy tips, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!