Cirro Energy | Simple Thanksgiving Recipes

Cirro-Energy-Thanksgiving-RecipesThanksgiving is approaching, and we at Cirro Energy can almost smell the turkey in the air! It’s fun to dig out the old family recipes and cook the traditional meal, but this year, why not try something different? Here, we’ve gathered some delicious and easy Thanksgiving recipes that may inspire you to start some new traditions!

  • What do you eat before the big dinner? It’s common to plan for the more important meal without giving much thought to what everyone will eat throughout the day. A Breakfast Casserole can make the morning a little brighter, and these easy Pumpkin Muffins make a tasty snack if you’re getting peckish while prepping the food.
  • Take some of the heat out of the kitchen by utilizing your crockpot. Certain dishes, like sweet potatoes, can easily be prepared in a slow cooker, leaving your oven free for more pressing issues- like the turkey.
  • Do you still buy the canned cranberry sauce? Making your own is easier than you think, and with this recipe for Apple Orange Cranberry Sauce, your guests will think you went to a lot of trouble.
  • Pumpkin is the go-to gourd of the season, but winter squashes are delicious and packed with nutrients. Try this Red Cooked Butternut Squash to add an Asian flair to your celebration, or give Ina Garten’s Caramelized Butternut Squash a go.
  • Why not bring something unexpected to the table? This Confetti Corn Casserole is rich and creamy, with just the right amount of bacon. Artichoke Gratinata brings gourmet flair to your table, yet is easy to prepare, as are these Garlic and Sundried Tomato Corn Muffins.


No matter how you serve it up, Thanksgiving is all about celebrating family and getting back to your roots. Here at Cirro Energy, our roots are deeply entrenched in Texas.  We love being close to the communities we serve, providing energy to families across this great state. To connect with other Cirro customers, follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter, or learn more about how Cirro Energy can help your family find the best utility plan by visiting the website.