Cirro Energy | Saving Energy in the Kitchen for Thanksgiving

Cirro-Energy-Kitchen-Energy-Saving-TipsAt Cirro Energy, we look forward to Thanksgiving just as much as everyone else, but we’re also a little inclined to think about all the energy expended on the holiday. As cooks across the country gear up for the feast, they’re probably not thinking about their electricity bills. At Cirro Energy, we’re always looking for ways to save our customers money on energy, so we’ve collected a few tips to help you this Thanksgiving.

  • Think outside the oven. By doing some of your prep in the slow cooker, microwave or toaster oven, you’ll keep your kitchen cooler, and use less energy running both your oven and your air conditioner. Sweet potatoes, for example, can be very easily prepared in a slow cooker. You might consider grilling some things as well; grilled vegetables are a nice addition to any meal!
  • Plan for potluck. Ask your guests to contribute to the feast, and you’ll use your kitchen appliances less. Not only that, but you’ll be in keeping with the original spirit of the holiday, and you’ll allow your friends and family members the chance to show off their signature dishes.
  • Lower the thermostat. The oven provides enough heat to help warm your home so if you are planning to use the oven all day, lower the thermostat and save energy by allowing the oven to do most of the work.
  • Use the right burners. Choose burners that match the pot size, and you’ll avoid wasted energy from heat that’s lost in the empty space around the pot.
  • Store your food correctly. Avoid putting uncovered items in the refrigerator, as this can release moisture into your fridge and force it to work harder as well as dry out your food. Allow hot foods to cool a little before you put them away to avoid introducing heat into the refrigerator.

We at Cirro Energy want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, full of fun, family, food, friends and energy savings! To connect with other Cirro customers and share recipes and household tips, follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about how Cirro Energy can help your family find the best utility plan by visiting the website.