Cirro Energy | Keeping Your Home Warm This Fall

shutterstock_136085276At Cirro Energy, we love fall! The crisp air, the gorgeous colors, the cozy feeling of snuggling up with a slice of pie or a cup of cocoa on a chilly evening … the only thing we don’t love about fall is the increased heating costs. Fortunately, Cirro Energy has some tips you may not have considered to keep your home toasty this fall- without breaking the bank.

  • Use your textiles to your advantage! Put rugs on bare floors to keep your toes toasty, and switch out your curtains for a heavier weight and to prevent drafts. Another great way to avoid drafts is with draft dodgers – tubes made of fabric and stuffing that fit along the bottom of your door and keep air from coming through. Putting on your clothes as soon as they’re out of the dryer will warm you up, too!
  • Let your holiday baking keep you warm. Fall is the perfect time for baking bread, cookies and pies full of seasonal fruit and hearty goodness. Do your baking during the colder times of day and leave the door open after you turn the oven off.  This way  the warm air can escape into the room while your oven is cooling down.
  • Help everyone in the house to be responsible for their personal comfort. Sweaters and socks are cozy and warm, and by wearing them indoors you’ll be able to run your heater less. Keep throws and quilts decoratively draped over armchairs and sofas, or tucked away in baskets behind the furniture, so that they’re always accessible when someone is chilly.
  • Use the sun’s energy to heat your house. Keep the curtains open during the sunny part of the day, and close them as the sun goes down.
  • Humidity makes you feel warmer. Use a humidifier to make the air humid, and leave your bathroom fan off after a shower to make the most use of that humidity, too.

Saving money on heating costs this fall may take little more than some creative thinking and simple ingenuity. On the other hand, it never hurts to find an energy company, like Cirro Energy, that cares about saving its customers money and time. For more lifestyle and energy tips, connect with Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter.