Cirro Energy | Energy-Burning Activities for Indoors

At Cirro Energy, we understand the needs of families in our community. When the weather outside is frightful, and all your kids want to do is sit and play the video games they received as holiday gifts, your family probably needs some new ideas for staying active while stuck indoors. Don’t worry! Here are a few suggestions from Cirro Energy for fun indoor activities to keep the kids active (and perhaps save the sanity of their loving parents).

  • Have an impromptu dance party! Nothing gets the heart pumping like some lively music, and this is a great activity for the whole family. Not only is it a good way to help kids burn energy, but you can also show off your silliest dance moves for some family fun!
  • Create an indoor obstacle course. Use an inexpensive indoor tunnel and some throw pillows or couch cushions, and maybe a hula-hoop or two, to turn a large room into a fun obstacle course raceway.
  • Make the most of the video games. When choosing video games for your children, choose games that encourage them to be active. You know they’ll want to spend all their time playing, so why not use that time wisely?
  • Organize an indoor holiday parade! Designate a parade route through the house, give the little ones some toy instruments or pots and pans, dress them in holiday finery, throw on some marching music, and let the noisy fun begin!
  • Pull out the old favorites. You don’t have to be high-tech or modern to have a great time being active inside. Think back to the games you played as a child for inspiration: tape off a hopscotch game in the kitchen, have crab-walking races across the living room or play Simon Says in the family room.

Finding ways for kids to burn off their energy is great for the whole family, but burning through energy at your house is not so good for your electric bill. If you need help managing your energy costs, you’ve got an ally, because helping families thrive is important to Cirro Energy. That’s why we offer electricity plans to fit your family’s needs and work within your budget. For more information on Cirro Energy electricity plans, visit the Cirro Energy website. To connect with the online community, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.