How to Save Energy with a Power Strip

power strip

Many of us know of the tell-tale appliances we keep in our home that continue to use energy when not in use. Frequently called “vampire” appliances, you can give yourself a refresh about the most common offenders that use ample standby power here.

The good news about these energy-hungry appliances is that you don’t have to spend much, or any, money on expensive devices to put a stop to their standby usage. We’re talking about the typically low-priced, regular power strip. As long as the power strip has an on/off switch, you’ll be on your way to saving energy.

When the appliances are plugged into the strip and not in active use, flip the switch on the strip to cut their standby power. Please note that the power strip will not do anything to help standby power if it is left on. A power strip makes it easy to turn on and off the big offenders that are troublesome on their own, such as the TV, computer and computer accessories, and kitchen appliances.* Keep the power strips in easy reach and just flip the switch to ‘off’ when not in use. Need to use the computer? TV? Flip the switch on.

While a standard power strip is easy on your wallet, there are some new gadgets that make the process even easier and more convenient. Ask your local home improvement or electronics store about smart power strips and wall sockets. These gadgets use technology to identify when an appliance is in active use or standby. If it detects standby use, it will turn off the power to the respective sockets. While clever and beneficial, they are not necessary to save energy and money. All it takes is a regular power strip and some diligence!

*While it is completely safe to turn off the power from microwaves, toasters, convection ovens, and more, we do not recommend turning power off from the refrigerator and freezer for any amount of time. To help the refrigerator be more efficient, keep the freezer tightly stocked, do not overstock the refrigerator (this allows room for air to circulate), and replace any worn seals for an air-tight close.

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