Cirro Energy | Halloween Safety Tips

shutterstock_17683681At Cirro Energy, we know how much fun Halloween can be for kids and their parents. However, there’s intrinsic danger in this holiday too, with kids roaming the streets after dark, accepting candy from strangers! Follow these simple tips from Cirro Energy, and your Halloween can be spooky and safe!

  • A happy Halloween begins with a safe costume. Be sure masks don’t impair vision, and that nothing on the costume poses a tripping hazard. Give kids glowing necklaces and bracelets, or put reflective tape on their costumes, and encourage them to carry flashlights. Making them visible is the key to keeping them safe.
  • Travel in herds. There’s safety in numbers, so the ideal trick or treat situation involves a bunch of kids and parents roaming around together. Barring that, at least institute the buddy system, so that no one is ever left alone. Parents should accompany younger kids, even if they just stay at the curb while the children ring the doorbells.
  • Teach safety rules about which houses to visit. Let your children know that they should not go to strangers’ houses, unless you’re right there and give your permission. It should also be a rule to avoid houses that don’t have their porch lights on, and never go inside a house, unless you know the family who lives there extremely well.
  • Planning makes the route safer. Decide ahead of time which route your trick-or-treaters will travel, so you’ll know where to look if you get separated. It’s also a good idea to have a signal to get everyone back together- a loud whistle works well for this.
  • Poisoned candy is an urban legend. In all probability, there’s nothing dangerous in your kids’ candy. However, it’s still a good idea to check it out before they eat it, especially if they have allergies or other dietary concerns.
  • Do your part to keep other people safe, too. Make sure your lawn decorations won’t trip anyone, and keep your house well lit. If you’re driving, take extra care on Halloween so that you don’t miss seeing a little one impulsively darting into harm’s way.