Cirro Energy | Halloween Lighting Ideas

shutterstock_63230995This Halloween, Cirro Energy would just like to say … Boo! Did we scare you? Your electricity costs don’t have to scare you either, even if you want to have the spookiest light show on the block. Just try some of these simple, creative ideas brought to you by Cirro Energy, and your house will be festive for the holiday without breaking the bank.

  • Container lighting is fun, and doesn’t always require electricity. Using battery-operated lights inside and around canning jars or milk jugs, you are limited only by your imagination with how you decorate your containers. You might try decoupaging spooky faces on the outsides, with tissue paper, glue and stickers, or you could fill the jars with fake “webbing” and rubber spiders, using these jars as creepy centerpieces, lit from within.
  • If you’re using string lights, we recommend Energy Star™ certified LED lights. Did you know that you could power 140 LED lights with the energy it takes to light one incandescent bulb? For a twist on the traditional jack-o’-lantern, try winding a light string around your pumpkin for a festive look and securing it with T-pins. Use caution to not poke through any of the wires.  You can even use multiple pumpkins, stringing them together with bright little lights.
  • Use your existing outdoor lights, for a no-cost-added eerie glow. By putting green, yellow, red, orange or blue approved light filters on your existing outdoor lights, or using colored bulbs, you can lend your house an air of mystery, making it look like an unfamiliar, somewhat sinister place. Choose a décor theme that goes with your light color: green for a mad scientist’s laboratory, red for a monster’s lair, yellow for an old graveyard, orange for a jack-o’-lantern town or blue for a haunted house.

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