Cirro Energy | Energy Saving Tips for the end of Summer

shutterstock_71772454As a Texas electricity company, Cirro Energy understands the importance of saving energy as the summer winds down. And since we’re based in Dallas and Houston, we also understand the need to keep cool! Fortunately, you can keep your cool while staying within your budget with some helpful tips from this Texas electricity company.

  • Make your thermostat your friend. Bump it up as high as you can reasonably tolerate, and knock it up a degree if you’re leaving the house. Even as little as one degree can bring savings of 3-5%! Consider a programmable thermostat to make it easy. Be aware, however, that big, sudden shifts aren’t a good idea. Cranking your thermostat up or down by ten degrees doesn’t bring it to the right temperature any faster since fans only move at one speed; it only means the a/c is working harder.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. We’re not talking sunscreen, we’re talking windows! Use window treatments to keep the sun from heating the house you’re trying to cool, and utilize shade trees and other landscaping features to keep the sun out of the house.
  • If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Well, ok, of course you have to eat. But if you make use of your microwave and barbecue grill, eat summer foods like fresh fruit and salads, prepare meals in bulk, or wait until the temperatures drop in the evening to do any baking, you can hold down the kitchen’s temperature. That makes it easier on your air conditioner and saves money on energy bills. To lower the energy cost of your refrigerator, keep it full, and use the “efficiency” setting if possible.
  • Use fans to give your air conditioner a break. Fans can help circulate cool air, helping your air conditioner work more effectively, even if you pump it up a couple of degrees. One caveat: fans don’t help cool empty rooms, they work by cooling the body, so turn them off if you’re not going to be in the room to avoid wasting energy.
  • Maintain your system, and you’ll get better performance. Change your air filters frequently- monthly is a good idea- to keep your system clean. Clip plants around the outside of your a/c unit, and don’t block the vents inside the house. Be aware of how much insulation you have and whether you need more. Keeping an eye on your HVAC system can pay off with lower electric bills.

Cirro Energy is a Texas electricity company with deep roots in the community. We care about our neighbors and customers, and that’s why we bring you valuable information to help you not only save on energy, but maybe even enjoy the summer a little more. For more lifestyle and energy tips, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or visit our website at