Cirro Energy | The Energy Efficient Spring Cleaning Checklist

As Texas begins to thaw, homeowners and renters alike begin to think of bluebonnets, swimming pools and, of course, spring-cleaning. A time-honored tradition, this is typically the time when the whole house gets turned inside out in an effort to roust the dirt from all its many hiding places. With the hot summer months just around the bend, spring cleaning is also the best time to make your home more energy efficient. With these quick and easy energy saving tips from Cirro Energy, you can get the most out of spring cleaning.

Making your home more energy efficient may be easier than you think! Little things like using energy efficient light bulbs, dusting air vents and changing air filters can add up to make a big difference. Use this checklist to make the most of your spring cleaning, and start saving energy in your home:


What else should you do for your home this spring? It’s a great time to perform a safety inspection. Test and replace batteries in all smoke detectors, check fire extinguishers and check/clean power outlets. Keeping your home safe, clean and in good working order is all a part of helping your family thrive.

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