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Cirro Energy offers tips for preparing yourself and your home for emergencies.
Cirro Energy offers tips for preparing yourself and your home for emergencies.

Natural disasters can happen at any time. They can be dangerous and life threatening, so it’s important to have a plan of action and assess the risks of the situation. Here, Cirro Energy provides a few tips on how to be more prepared for an emergency brought on by a natural disaster in Texas.

An Emergency Preparedness Kit is a Must
Making an emergency preparedness kit and keeping it easily accessible in case you have to leave quickly is something you can do in advance. At a minimum your kit should contain:
• Enough non-perishable food and water for three days
• Matches in a waterproof container
• Cash or travelers checks
• Warm blankets
• A complete change of clothes
• A first aid kit
• A battery powered radio
• A flashlight
• A whistle or other signal
• Prescription medications

Tornadoes Common in Texas
One of the most unexpected and alarming natural disasters in Texas is a tornado. As with any major storm, during a tornado watch or warning you should keep tuned in to local news or weather radio. Plan ahead for a designated safe room in your house, typically an interior room with no windows. It is never recommended that you go outside or try to view a tornado, and if you are stuck in your car during a tornado, be sure to stay in the car with your seat belt on, putting your head below the windows and covering yourself with a blanket or covering for protection from flying glass and objects.

Be Ready for a Hurricane as Well
In the event of a hurricane, you will have an average of 36 hours to evacuate the area of expected impact. It’s important to be prepared in advance to avoid confusion and panic during this situation. Know where the local shelters are and have an evacuation plan ready for your family, including a full tank of gas. If you are a Texas Gulf coast resident you can always dial 2-1-1 to register for assistance if you have special needs or if you do not have transportation. In the event you are unable to evacuate, do not go outside. Unplug all electronics, board up as many windows and doors as possible, tie down loose objects and lie low in an interior room.

Flash Flooding is also a Danger
When there is a flash flood warning in your area, evacuate or get to high ground immediately. If flowing water is up above your ankles, then stop and go an alternate way. Keep in mind that swift moving water only 6 inches deep can knock you off your feet. Do not drive into flooded roadways—turn around, because a car can be taken away in as little as 2 feet of water. Be alert and continue to monitor your surroundings. If you come into contact with floodwater, wash with soap and clean water to avoid contaminants in the floodwater.

These are just a few tips to help you and your family prepare for a natural disaster in your area. Cirro Energy is a company that cares about the community, and strives to help families find answers and information to make their lives a little easier. If you’re looking for low fixed rates, a commitment to customer service, and account management that works for you, you are in the right place with Cirro Energy. For more information, visit the www.cirroenergy.com. For a deeper connection, join Cirro Energy Facebook and on Twitter.