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Cirro Energy offers tips on keeping your house cool without spending a fortune.
Cirro Energy offers tips on keeping your house cool without spending a fortune.

Here in Texas we have high temperatures and even higher electric bills. So what can you do to keep that air conditioning bill from skyrocketing this year?

First, use window coverings to your advantage. During the summer months, angle blinds so sunlight and heat are directed toward the ceiling rather than filling the room. By reducing the amount of heat allowed into your home, the A/C is able to work more efficiently and as an added bonus, keeping the blinds angled up can protect your furniture and carpeting from fading.

Next, make sure to keep furniture and draperies about two feet away from vents and air registers to optimize the available air circulation in any given room. This will help keep your home cool and minimize the risk of your unit freezing up.

Did you know that your appliances generate heat and make it harder for your air conditioner to cool your home in the middle of the day? So conserve energy by running larger appliances at night rather than during the heat of the day so your A/C doesn’t have to work so hard.

And finally, if you’re still running an older-model air conditioner, now might be a good time to get it replaced. Look for models with good Energy Star ratings. If you’re not ready to purchase a newer efficient A/C unit, look into getting a tune-up so your current unit can run at its peak efficiency, and be sure to change those filters every 3 months to keep you’re A/C running smoothly.

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