Cirro Energy | Winterization Tips for Your Home

Cirro Energy offers tips to help you winterize your home.

Winter is here, and Cirro Energy has some advice about preparing your home for the potentially harsh weather. It’s important to winterize your home in order to save money on your energy costs and stay comfortable indoors. Cirro Energy offers tips for getting your home ready to keep you warm and save you money.

  • Seal Air leaks. Entrances, pull-downs and attic stair openings, light fixtures, pipes and wires are all likely spots for air to leak into and out of your home. Seal these holes, weather stripping and insulating attic entryways, to keep the cold air out and the warm air in! Also inspect around the frames of your windows and doors for air leaks. If you can see daylight around a door or window, it needs to be sealed. Use caulking or weather-stripping to stop air leaks.
  • Seal Off Fireplaces. A fireplace is not an efficient source of heat, so seal off the fireplace or flue area to keep the cold from getting in. If you’re using a natural gas fireplace, turn off the pilot light when it’s not in use.
  • Sealing your ductwork is the best way to conserve energy. All ductwork should be sealed at joints and intersections, to keep it from leaking heated air into your attic or crawl space, and allowing outside air back into the house. Use duct sealer, like foil-backed tape, or silicon caulking.
  • Insulate everything! Near the hot water heater, insulate the first three feet of cold and hot water pipes. Wrap your water heater in an insulation blanked to keep it warm when it’s not being used. Add insulation to the attic, before the cold weather hits. All of these measures can help keep your home comfortable and your energy costs low.
  • Lower Thermostat and Water Heater Keep your thermostat between 65 and 70 on a winter day, and turn it down to 58 at night or when you’ll be away for more than a few hours. Lower your water heater, too; most water heaters are set at 140, but a temperature between 120 and 125 will reduce your energy costs while remaining sufficiently hot.

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