How to Enjoy the Autumn Heat in Texas

Texas autumn is a unique experience from the rest of the country, because our fall weather starts much later than most. That means heat sticks around longer which, if you’re an autumn lover, can keep you from fully enjoying the season.

Beat the Heat in Texas AutumnFortunately, Texas fall is what you make of it – and you can definitely make something great out of it! From the clothes you wear to the foods you share with friends, to the books you read and activities you do with the kids, there is always a way to welcome fall into your life, no matter how hot the weather is outside.

  1. Go apple crazy! Apple cinnamon goodness is an autumn staple, but the fresh juicy kick can keep you refreshed throughout the sweltering Texas fall. From traditional caramel apples to healthy eats like homemade apple cinnamon chips, bring the aroma and flavor of fall into your home.
  2. Are you ready for some football? Even without seasonally cool weather, this is one fall tradition that Texas does better than anywhere else. We’ve got high school football on Friday nights, college game day on Saturday, and pro ball Sunday and Monday. Whatever your team, you can have tailgate parties with friends and neighbors and say hello to fall!
  3. Dress for the season. Temperatures are still a bit high to need sweaters or scarves, but that doesn’t have to stop you from dressing for the season. Clothing and accessories in earthy fall colors pay homage to the season without leaving you sweating.
  4. It’s pumpkin time. Of course, fall is pumpkin season – that means everywhere you turn, you can grab a pumpkin-flavored treat. Opt for an iced pumpkin spice latte or bake some yummy pumpkin cookies for the younger set.
  5. Spooky fun. Autumn surely means Halloween for those who have little ones in their homes, so why not enjoy the spooky holiday early on? Camp out in the backyard with lanterns and snacks and read scary stories, or have craft sessions with the kids to create their very own Halloween costumes.
  6. Enjoy nature’s bounty. It may be warm outside, but the Texas landscape is beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. Welcome fall by going on a hike and enjoying the changing sights and sounds of Texas autumn.
  7. Autumn film festival. There’s no better way to create fall at home than to do it with friends and loved ones. Have a “Welcome Fall Film Festival” in your living room that features foods, movies and activities celebrating the arrival of autumn. Some movies to consider: Good Will Hunting, When Harry Met Sally, Scream, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Halloween, just to name a few.

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