Cirro Energy
Cirro Energy appoints Jim Hayes as new managing director.

Cirro Energy, a Dominion Resources Company, announced that Jim Hayes, the Director of Dominion Energy Marketing, Inc. (DEMI), has been appointed Managing Director for Cirro Energy beginning 2013. Hayes succeeds Mike Rose and will be responsible for directing Cirro Energy’s growth across Texas.  Mike Rose has accepted a new job with Dominion’s joint venture, Blue Racer Midstream, where he will be chief administrative officer on loan from Dominion.  Mike will work at Blue Racer’s headquarters in Dallas.

“Jim Hayes’s strong grasp on the intricacies of the complex wholesale energy market is a rare and significant talent,” said Kathy Curtis, Dominion Vice President of Retail. “Jim’s expertise will keep Cirro Energy financially sound while we implement programs that offer solid value to our growing base of customers.”

Hayes has been in the energy industry for close to two decades. Following his success as a Power Trader for Dominion, Hayes was promoted to Director of Energy Trading in 2000. During that time, he was responsible for managing the power portfolio of Dominion. In 2005, Hayes was promoted to Director of DEMI where he was directly responsible for taking the company’s merchant power assets to market in PJM, ISONE and MISO. Before joining Dominion, Hayes was an oil broker with United Fuels Inc for over a decade.

“Among the savviest energy consumers in the country, Texans expect their electricity company to provide both great value and excellent customer service,” said Hayes. “The leadership team has proven they can deliver on that promise. I’m excited to build upon their success and reach new customers while strengthening ties to those who have already chosen Cirro Energy as their electricity provider.”

Cirro Energy brings a smarter, simpler approach to retail electricity service. A subsidiary of Dominion, one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, Cirro Energy delivers superior customer service and savings to residential and business customers in Texas. From competitively priced plans for electricity to Smart Shop energy efficiency products, Cirro Energy empowers consumers to make smart choices that save them money.

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