6 Simple and Easy Ways to Efficiently Keep Your Home Warm This Fall and Winter

There’s always a sweet spot between the hot and cold seasons in Texas. For a few weeks out of the year, we have transitional weather that makes it comfortable indoors without turning on the air conditioning or the heater. However, as sudden as the transition season, chilly nights turn into chilly days and we begin to run our heaters. While we always associate high energy bills with air conditioning and the sweltering summer heat, heating your home is, on average, one of the biggest energy expenses. In fact, The US Department of Energy claims that heating your home may take up 45% of your energy bill. Wouldn’t you like to do everything you can to help lower that?

To find out how, continue reading.

The best thing you can do is to improve the efficiency of your home rather than replacing the heating system. These simple and easy changes can be made affordably and offer a positive return when you start to get this season’s energy bill.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat! By using this type of thermostat, you can set the heater to turn off or on only when you need it. Utilizing this thermostat can save you around Another plus is you can use it all year and apply this method toward the summer months too.
  2. Perform your own upkeep on your heating system. Do it once before you must turn the heater on and then periodically throughout the season.
  • Be sure that filters are clean and replaced when dirty
  • Remove dirt or corrosion on the heat exchanger
  • Give the heating pipes and air ducts a look over to make sure they are sealed and insulated
  • Remove all blockage that may be obstructing the vents and/or radiators
  1. Open curtains and blinds during the day. Heat from the sun will help to naturally warm the home. Close the blinds and curtains at nightfall.
  2. Patch any cracks or holes. Heat can travel and leave your home quickly if there are cracks and holes in your walls or molding. Do a look-through of your home.
  3. Check the weatherstripping on all doors that lead outside and on windows. Add weatherstripping if there is a draft or replace the current if it is cracked and loose.
  4. Change the direction of your ceiling to spin clockwise. Your ceiling fan can distribute the warm air efficiently when it spins correctly! This direction causes the fan to push the hot air back down after it naturally rises.

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