Texas Electricity Company | Recipes for Winter Produce

texas-electricity-company-recipes-for-winter-produceCirro Energy is a Texas electricity company that’s invested in the community. That means being interested in bettering people’s lives, whether through money saving electric plans, volunteering in the community, support of outreach programs, or just helping people live healthier, happier lives. If you’re looking for a way to improve your winter menu and eat a healthier diet, this Texas electricity company has a suggestion: think seasonal.

Buying food that’s in season can be easier on your wallet, because it’s in higher supply. It can also be good for your health, because it’s more likely to be local and therefore fresher. Remember that it’s not just produce that’s seasonal; fish, herbs, and game also varies depending on the time of year. Looking at a seasonal food chart can be helpful in planning your strategy before you hit the grocery store or farmers’ market. In the meantime, here are some recipes to get you started.

If you’re trying to plan a healthy menu, look for seasonal, local produce and meat. If you’re looking for a Texas electricity company to meet your needs, look no further than Cirro Energy. For more information on this Texas electricity company and its money saving plans and excellent customer service, visit the website. For more lifestyle and energy saving tips, please connect with Cirro on Facebook, Twitter, or the Cirro Energy blog.

Texas Electricity Company | How to Plan a Party for the Big Game on a Budget!

texas-electricity-company-how-to-plan-a-party-for-the-big-game-on-a-budgetWouldn’t it be great if your Texas electricity company helped you figure out how to save money on other things, besides electricity? Your wish is granted! Here’s how you can throw a fantastic Big Game party and save money at the same time.

  • Be realistic in your planning. Decide on a budget, and stick to it. You can save money by making your own food and using your own dishes, rather than buying premade and disposable. A bit of creativity can make a small budget go a long way!
  • Start with the decorations. Festive décor makes the party more fun, and can be done on a very limited budget! A couple of creative football ideas are coasters cut from artificial turf, and a tablecloth made of a chalkboard contact paper with lines drawn on it to resemble a football field. Leave chalk on the table, and your guests can have fun drawing their own plays during the game!
  • The food is the focus, at any party. Big game or no, your party won’t be memorable without a marvelous menu. Finger food is always a good bet, and it’s inexpensive to serve chips and salsa, Fancy Pigs in a Blanket, or a raw vegetable plate with ranch dressing for dipping. If the crowd you’re entertaining is open to the idea, you can even host a Big Game potluck, supplying a main dish and letting your friends bring sides and desserts.
  • Bring Your Own Drinks. Guests will be happy to bring their favorite drinks and you can provide ice and basic 2-liter bottles of soft drinks.
  • Setting up for maximum enjoyment. Make sure there’s plenty of seating where you’ll be viewing the game, but also set up a few conversation areas in other rooms for those who might want to chat instead. Plan for a few party games as well, encouraging guests to guess the winning team, rate the commercials, and choose the MVP. You can have inexpensive gifts for prizes, or collect a little bit of money from each guest to create a pool for the winners.

If you’re looking for ways to throw a Big Game party on a budget, start with this great list! If you’re looking for a Texas electricity company that cares about its customers, offers flexible money saving plans, and lets you manage your account online, Cirro Energy is your champion! For more lifestyle and budget tips, connect with Cirro Energy on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Cirro Energy blog!

Cirro Energy and Dominion Foundation Donate $5,000 for Play Structure for Toddlers at Casa de Esperanza in Houston

$5,000 Grant purchases outdoor play area for children in crisis

PLANO, Texas – Sept 25, 2013 – Cirro Energy, a subsidiary of Dominion Resources, has announced that its employees will present $5,000 for a children’s outdoor play structure at Casa de Esperanza de los Niños (the House of Hope for Children) in Houston on September 26, 2013, thanks to support from the Dominion Foundation. Casa de Esperanza provides residential care and coordinates medical and psychological services for children in crisis due to abuse, neglect or the effects of HIV.

Dominion, Cirro Energy and our employees are deeply committed to supporting organizations like Casa de Esperanza to make a positive impact on the communities we serve,” said Jim Hayes, managing director of Cirro Energy. “This grant has created a very personal connection for our team with the Houston community. Cirro Energy and the Dominion Foundation funded the equipment and materials, while our local employees volunteered their time and effort to install this gift. Our shared goal is to help restore some of the joy of childhood for these kids.”

The charity provides homes for homeless children, which are located in a safe, enclosed neighborhood near the Texas Medical Center. Cirro Energy employees will participate in preparing the area for play by spreading recycled rubber mulch in the space designed specifically for the youngest children.

“We appreciate the commitment of Cirro Energy and its employees to support these neglected children of Houston,” said Kathy Foster, Founder and Director of Casa de Esperanza de los Niños. “Casa de Esperanza is a haven for children during periods of tremendous stress. We are very appreciative of Cirro Energy and Dominion Foundation for this new outdoor equipment, which provides an age appropriate play area for our toddlers”

Casa de Esperanza strives to break the destructive cycle of child abuse. The charity provides hope and healing for children and their families in the Greater Houston area and surrounding counties. The children range in age from newborn to six years of age at the time of intake. . They stay until a safe, permanent home can be provided. To learn more about Casa de Esperanza, visit http://www.casahope.org.