Houston Electricity Company | Top Parenting Blogs in Texas

Cirro is a Houston electricity company that understands the modern family. Today people have more connectivity than ever before, yet may feel isolated behind computer screens and mobile devices as they go about their hectic lives. Parenting blogs are a great way to find a sense of community, knowing that other parents are sharing the same experiences. As a Houston electricity company, Cirro knows that Texas is in a class by itself, and Texas parents may want to connect with not only parents across the country, but also those who know all about life in this great state. Here we offer a partial list of top parent blogs in Texas to get you started forming those connections.

  • Mom Houston offers “news, tips, and fun stuff for savvy Houston parents”.  If you live in Houston and are looking for information on local happenings, school districts, fun things to do with kids, and more – this may be the place for you.
  • My DFW Mommy is a good source of information for parents in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Started in 2009, this blog offers money saving tips and other information for frugal parents, given by three moms in the area.
  • San Antonio Mom Blogs is a great resource. Not only does this site feature a directory of San Antonio mom bloggers, it also has useful information on things to do in the city: extremely helpful if you plan to spend time in San Antonio this summer. From park reviews to things to do for free, you’ll find all the San Antonio information you need to make the time you spend there with your family enjoyable.
  • Mom2Mom DFW is extremely informative. Here, you’ll find up-to-date information on current events and news, as well as humorous anecdotes, contests and resources for parents in the DFW area.

If you’re looking for advice or inspiration, look to parenting blogs to find parents with great ideas. If you’re looking for a Houston electricity company, you need look no further than Cirro. With plans to fit every family and business, Cirro also offers conveniences like online and mobile account management to fit your lifestyle. For more parenting and electricity savings tips from this Houston electricity company, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Houston Electricity Company | Staying Organized When School is Out

A Houston electricity company with deep roots in the community, Cirro knows that for families, each season brings its own set of challenges. In the summer time when school is out, there are lots of opportunities for family fun and togetherness. On the other hand, the disruption of regularly scheduled activity that comes with summer vacation can make it hard to stay organized. Never fear — your Houston electricity company has some suggestions to make summer organization a breeze.

  • Utilize your village. School may be out, but for the most part adults still have all the responsibilities they had during the school year. You may feel pressured to accomplish all your normal tasks while your kids are home for the summer, but remember- many other parents feel the same way. Reach out to other parents to lighten everyone’s loads, using carpooling, sleepovers and playdates to divide the labor and give each other a break. This shared time will also help your children to develop lasting bonds with their peers.
  • Maintain normal activities. Just because kids are on vacation doesn’t mean they have nothing to do. Do your children practice piano during the school year? Do they have a normal reading time in the evening? Are they responsible for certain chores around the house? Even though they are out of school, kids can still be held accountable for their normal responsibilities. Keeping up with their reading and practicing can help them succeed when school starts back up in the fall, too.
  • Have a plan, and set clear expectations. You don’t have to have every moment scheduled during the summer, but it helps if your family has regular waking and sleeping times, and a plan to keep the house tidy. It’s not a bad idea to have a family meeting at the beginning of the summer, to discuss your summer plans, and let everyone know how you envision the summer. Make calendars, lists and charts to be sure everyone’s on the same page.

Staying organized during the summer may be a challenge. Finding a Houston electricity company to meet your family’s needs should not be. Cirro Energy offers plans that can save you money and convenient features like mobile account management to simplify your busy life. For more summer and electricity savings tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Houston Electricity Company | Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze


As a Houston electricity company, Cirro Energy is in homes across Texas.  Now that spring is approaching, we know that many of our customers are gearing up for spring cleaning! Here we offer some tips to help you conserve your own energy, while getting your home fresh and clean for spring.

  • Have a plan. Know exactly what’s involved in your spring cleaning, and you’ll find it easier to tackle. Before you begin, go from room to room and make a list of what you want to accomplish. If you’re pressed for time, use a timer to help keep you on track- you’ll be surprised!
  • Delegation is the key to success. Enlist your family members by assigning tasks, and you’ll find it all goes much quicker. Don’t be afraid to use incentives- you’ll all deserve a pizza party or fun outing after it’s all done!
  • Organize your supplies. Use a toolbox or bucket to carry cleaning supplies from room to room, and you’ll always have what you need close at hand, while saving time from trips to your cleaning supply storage.
  • Clean from top to bottom. This will keep dust and dirt from falling onto surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Start at a fixed point of the room, and work your way around in a circle until you’ve completed the whole room.
  • Gather clutter into a basket to get it out of your way. Don’t worry about putting everything away while you’re cleaning a room, just scoop it up and carry it with you, putting it away once you enter the room where it belongs.
  • Use your vacuum to its best advantage. Now is the time to use all of those attachments to dust, clean upholstery, and clean carpets and floors without ever switching to other cleaning tools.
  • Save energy by washing most of your clothes in cold water. This is one tip that this Houston electricity company can really get behind, as it helps keeps your energy costs low by reducing your energy usage! To kill germs, however, sheets, towels, and underwear are better washed on hot.
  • Make cleaning the toilet easier and non-toxic with Tang. A teaspoon of Tang Drink mix in the bowl will dissolve stains if you let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Better yet, it won’t harm your dog if he decides to take a sip!

To save money on your energy bills this Spring, look to this Houston electricity company, trusted by Texans to provide low, fixed rates and exceptional, friendly customer service. For more lifestyle and energy tips, connect with Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter.