Electrical Safety: Childproof Your Texas Home

If you are childproofing your home, electrical safety is probably one of your utmost concerns. Of all the dangers facing a small child, electrical shock is one of the most frightening. Even though a good start in protecting little children is to install outlet covers, older kids need protection, too. In addition to childproofing, Texas energy company Cirro Energy would like to encourage you to protect your children by educating them about electrical safety.

Electrical Safety

The first step in teaching children about electrical safety is to educate them about electricity. Explain that electricity can travel through the body on its way to the ground, and can cause severe pain or injury. Then have your children become aware of sources of electricity in order to keep themselves safe.


  •  Keep outlets clear. Plugging too many things into one outlet can damage your electrical system or even cause a fire. Do not plug several things into one outlet or extension cord, and teach your children this electrical safety tip as well.
  • Make sure electrical cords are out of the way. Pets can chew on cords, damaging equipment and hurting themselves. In addition, people can trip on cords; cords that are tucked away are safer.
  • Never yank a cord from the wall. Always grasp the plug near the outlet instead of pulling on the cord, to avoid damaging the appliance or the outlet.
  • Keep electric items away from water. Hairdryers and other small appliances can be deadly if they fall into water, so always remember this very important part of electrical safety.
  • Reinforce the idea of adult supervision. The use of anything that involves electricity should be supervised by an adult.
  • Carry your awareness outside with you. Electrical safety is not just for the indoor environment! Kids should be taught to keep kites, water guns, and other toys away from power lines, and to look out for lines when climbing trees. A healthy respect for electrical equipment is key, and children should stay away from anything that looks relatable to electricity. This includes not only power lines, but also electric boxes and substations. When in doubt, kids should ask an adult for help and advice.
  • Go inside during a storm. Teach your children that if they are ever stuck in a storm, they should avoid trees and water, and should also kneel down (bending over with hands on knees). Never lie flat on the ground and seek shelter if possible.

Whether you need tips on electrical safety for your family or if you are just looking for low rates, you need an energy company you can trust. Cirro Energy is the choice of over a hundred thousand Texans, and offers reliable power and exceptional customer service. To learn more about Cirro Energy, visit our website. Also, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for more energy-saving tips and information.

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