Cirro Energy | Electrical Safety Tips for Electrical Safety Month


At Cirro Energy, we care a great deal about electrical safety. That’s why we were pretty excited to learn that this month is Electrical Safety Month! Electricity is one of the greatest benefits of the modern age, but it can be one of the most dangerous if it’s not handled with care and respect. So, in honor of Electrical Safety Month, here are a few tips from Cirro Energy to help keep your family safe.

  • Keep extension cords out from underfoot! Never run extension cords across doorways or under carpets and make sure all electric cords are tucked away, neat and tidy. Pets might chew on them and children could tug on them and cause people to trip or heavy appliances to fall.
  • Don’t overload outlets. Not only could this damage the electrical system in your house, but it could even cause a fire. Never plug more than two appliances into an outlet at once or “piggyback” extra appliances on extension cords or wall outlets.
  • Some appliances, like clocks, televisions and computer monitors, need room to breathe. All electric appliances generate heat when plugged in, so you should make sure they have several inches of clearance on all sides for good air circulation and cooling. Never drape clothes, toys or other items over warm appliances or lamps.
  • Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Make sure to keep all electrical appliances away from not only from water in sinks, bathtubs or pools, but also from areas prone to dripping, like underneath overhead vents.
  • Never yank or tug an electrical cord. Pulling on the cord to unplug it from the wall can damage the appliance, the plug or the outlet.
  • Keep an eye on your cords. Never use extension cords that are kinked, frayed or cracked and never staple or nail them down. Be sure that everyone in the family knows that extension cords are not ropes and should not be used to jump rope or secure anything. Where possible, keep cords out of the reach of any household pets.
  • Handle lightbulbs with care. Did you know that if a bulb isn’t screwed in securely, it could create sparks? In addition, a broken CFL bulb is a cause for caution. If your CFL bulb breaks, open a window and keep everyone, including pets, out of the room for at least 15 minutes.

Electrical safety is important to Cirro Energy, because we care about helping families thrive. That’s why we offer electric plans to fit your family’s needs and work within your budget. For more information on Cirro Energy electric plans, visit the website. To connect with the online community, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Cirro Energy | Electrical Safety Tips for the New Year

Electrical-safety-cirro-energyElectricity is such an integral part of our lives that we often take it for granted, but electrical safety is something that should never be far from our minds. As we enter the new year, it’s a good time to take stock, review safety practices and make sure we’ve got our homes set up in the safest possible way. Here are some helpful electrical safety reminders from Cirro Energy of things you’ve probably heard before, but may not always consider:

  • Take good care of your electrical cords. Never run extension cords across doorways or under carpets, and check cords for damage periodically so that you can replace or repair loose or damaged cords. Don’t use cords for anything other than their intended purpose, and never put a nail or staple through an electrical cord. When unplugging something, always pull on the plug itself instead of the cord.
  • Don’t overload your outlets. Only one high-wattage device should be plugged into an outlet at any given time, and extension cords should be seen as a temporary measure, not a permanent solution. If you find yourself relying on extension cords, it’s time to consider hiring an electrician to install additional outlets.
  • Give your appliances room to breathe. Electrical appliances should be given room for air to circulate and keep them cool. They should also be kept well away from water to prevent accidents, and any vents or fans should be kept clear of dust. When you’re not using them, consider unplugging appliances and tucking the cords safely away.
  • When in doubt, replace it! This goes for any appliance or tool that gives off any level of electric shock and light switches that flicker or are warm to the touch.
  • Make sure the whole family is on the same page. Teaching your children about electrical safety is a great way to protect them from harm. Review the basic principles of electricity and rules for staying safe, on a regular basis, so the information is fresh in their minds.

Cirro Energy has deep roots in Texas, and takes pride in being close to the families and communities we serve, providing energy and promoting electrical safety for families across this great state. To connect with other Cirro customers, follow Cirro Energy on Facebook and Twitter, or visit the Cirro Energy website to learn more about how we can help your family find the best utility plan to fit your lifestyle.

What is a Rolling Blackout

What is a rolling blackout? It sounds like something intimidating, perhaps a scene from a scary movie, in which something bad might happen. But what is a rolling blackout, really? Consumers in Texas need to know, because it is possible that Texas may experience rolling blackouts this summer.

A simple answer to the question “what is a rolling blackout” is that it’s a deliberate power outage. Sometimes demand for electricity is higher than the available supply, and it is necessary to reduce the load on the system that generates electricity. You may hear about developing nations often struggling with rolling blackouts, but even nations with reliable power supplies are not immune to the problem; peak demand sometimes forces power operators to cut power.

What Is A Rolling Blackout
What Is A Rolling Blackout

But what is a rolling blackout’s purpose? By deliberately engineering a power cut, operators can lessen the likelihood of damage to the power grid, and to your home or business. An unexpected power outage can have dire consequences for electronics and appliances, and it is sometimes difficult to restore power after a blackout. Rolling blackouts cut the power in an organized manner, as a last resort, to as few customers as possible. Different blocks of the power grid may be scheduled for blackout at different times, so if you know which grid supplies your power, you can find out when you will lose power. You then can prepare by unplugging or turning off electrical devices in advance and perhaps planning to go to the home of a friend or relative in another area. While developing nations sometimes experience rolling blackouts that last for several hours, nations with reliable power supplies try to limit these scheduled power outages to ninety minutes or less. Certain businesses (including medical facilities) can contact their Transmission Distribution Utility (Oncor in DFW area, CenterPoint in Houston area) to request to be added to the exempt list.  Also individuals with vital medical equipment can contact their retail electric provider to request consideration for exemption from the Transmission Distribution Utility.

Texans have experienced rolling blackouts before, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, has predicted that there may be more this summer. Because summers in Texas are hot and dry, they are peak times for electricity usage, and because some generators may go offline, there may not be enough power. Consumers are urged to use energy-saving measures whenever possible, especially from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, to cut down on the need for rolling blackouts.

What is a rolling blackout? It is a hassle, but the annoyance can be lessened if you follow information from the ERCOT Energy Mobile App, which is available in the Apple App Store or Android Market. Fortunately for Texans, the deregulation of energy companies has given consumers the freedom to choose, and many of them are choosing Cirro Energy. Cirro Energy’s local customer service staff provides exceptional customer care, and the company offers low rates and convenient payment options. For more information on Cirro Energy , visit the website or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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