No Crazy Gimmicks | Just the Best Electricity Rates in Texas.

Best Electricity Rates in Texas with No Gimmicks at Cirro Energy.

We have all seen some crazy advertising gimmicks in the media. From the miracle weight loss pill to making millions from home online, they always seem too good to be true. What are some of the craziest gimmicks you have heard? At Cirro Energy, we don’t buy in to the “too good to be true” crazy gimmicks, and we hope you don’t either. Plain and simple, Cirro Energy just offers the Best Electricity Rates in Texas by providing low, fixed rates, all day, everyday. No hoops to jump through, no restrictions, just savings.

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Energy Saving Solutions and Mobile Website with Cirro Energy

Providing energy saving solutions to Texas homeowners has long been our mission at Cirro Energy. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction by providing valuable energy saving solutions, we have taken our level of service one step further with the addition of our mobile website. The Cirro Energy mobile website is designed to make your life easier, providing you with access to your account at your finger tips. In this video, Cirro Energy walks you through just a few of the things you can do with the new mobile website, and outlines how using the mobile website results in energy saving solutions for homeowners and families across Texas.

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Outdoor Holiday Lights | How to Save Money on Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting

The holidays are right around the corner and families around the globe will get festive with outdoor holiday lights and other holiday lighting. Being festive and frugal when it comes to outdoor holiday lighting can be a challenge, and no one wants to feel like scrooge because they fear their electric bill during the festive holidays. Outdoor holiday lights are not only a tradition to the holidays, but they bring out the holiday spirit. Anyone can save money on their outdoor holiday lights this year with these holiday lighting, money saving tips.

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