Cirro Energy | Winter Energy Saving Tips

Homeowners can save money and energy during the winter months without sacrificing warmth. Check out these energy saving tips from Cirro Energy so you can stay cozy without breaking the bank.


  1. Lower the thermostat. Follow the U.S. Department of Energy’s recommendations, which state that you can save about 10% on your heating bill by lowering your thermostat 10-15 degrees when you’re out of the house or at night time.*
  2. Let the sunshine in. We have a natural heater in nature. Why not use it? Use the sun as a heating source for your home. Let the sunlight in through your south-facing windows during the day for a free source of heat.
  3. Leaks be gone! Energy leaks through your home, often through poorly installed or installed windows and doors. Check your home for potential leaks and seal them to save more.
  4. Love your winter accessories. One of the best parts of winter is the accessories that go along with the season. So celebrate the arrival of the cool weather with cozy blankets, warm mittens and comfy sweaters, and save yourself a bundle in heating costs at home.
  5. Look over your heating systems. Maintenance is essential for heating systems that work properly. Be sure to follow up with maintenance checks on your water heater and central heating systems to ensure that they are as energy efficient as possible.

Winter is a time for fun and family. Following these energy saving tips for winter will enable you enjoy this season without the burden of high energy costs.

If you’re looking to save money on your electricity plan, now is the time to look into it. Visit Cirro Energy’s website for more information on low-cost energy plans, and join Cirro’s social media communities on Facebook and Twitter.


Cirro Energy | Exercise Tips for Staying Fit Indoors

When the weather outside is frightful, the thought of exercise can be a bit daunting as well. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do in the bitter cold of winter is stick to a fitness regimen.

Exercising in the winter can be difficult. Stay focused on your health goals this winter with these indoor exercise tips from Cirro Energy.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can stay focused on your health goals while avoiding freezing cold temperatures. Don’t let the cold weather stand in the way of your health. Check out these easy exercise tips as alternatives to outdoor exercise to work on your fitness and avoid the winter blues.

  • Planks, squats and jumping jacks. These tried and true exercise moves can be done in the comfort of your living room. However, those aren’t the only exercises you can include. Build strength, endurance and good cardiovascular health with everything from dumbbells to jump ropes, all of which can be used indoors.
  • Spinning classes. Nothing says workout like a good old fashioned spinning class. Indoor cycling burns calories, works out tons of muscles in your body, and keeps your exercise routine fun.
  • Online videos. A couple of decades ago, we had fitness videos on tape. These days, find your fitness videos online! Check out YouTube and look up exercise routines to try indoors. You’ll be surprised how much variety you find right at home.
  • Dancing. Dancing is a great way to exercise while having fun. When the cool temperatures lead to chilly feet, what better time to put on your dancing shoes?
  • Yoga. For a relaxing way to stay fit, look no further than yoga. With both mental and physical benefits, yoga is the ideal indoor fitness regimen to get you in the spirit of the season.
  • Cleaning! That’s right! When all else fails, rest assured that a good cleaning session around the house is a way of getting your exercise during the winter, without having to go outside.

Winter doesn’t have to be a hindrance on your exercise routine. Finding the right indoor regimen for you is all about getting creative and sticking to your goals. Cirro Energy is committed to helping you and your family enjoy wintertime by helping you save money on your electric plan! Visit Cirro Energy’s website for more information on low fixed-price plans, and tune in to Cirro’s social media communities on Facebook and Twitter.

Cirro Energy | How to Keep your New Year’s Resolution

Do you find yourself making a huge New Year’s resolution every January, only to give up on it after a few weeks? Not following through with New Year’s resolutions, whether they have to do with fitness or developing healthy eating habits, is a common occurrence, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips to help you stick to your guns and be successful in keeping your New Year’s resolution this time around.

Ready to tackle your New Year’s resolution but not sure if you'll make it? Cirro Energy shares tips on how to make your resolutions stick.

  1. Have a plan. Whether your resolution is simple or intricate, having a plan of action in place will help you stay on track and give you a greater shot and successfully carrying out your resolution.
  2. Tackle one resolution at a time. Having more than one New Year’s resolution can be a recipe for disaster if you overwhelm yourself trying to accomplish them all at once. That’s why, for a maximum chance of success, the best thing to do is tackle one resolution at a time. It will allow you to focus on one thing and it will enable you to completely achieve a goal before moving on to a next one.
  3. Stay in good spirits. A great attitude and a great mood can each be essential to keeping resolutions. So load up on your favorite comedies, surround yourself with positivity, and you will have a better chance of achieving your objectives.
  4. Break up large resolutions into smaller, more manageable goals. If you have a larger resolution to get through, break it up into smaller goals so that you can slowly but surely achieve success. For example, if your goal is to work on your fitness goals, rather than saying that you will become a triathlete by the end of the year, start out by deciding on days that you will work out at the gym, and slowly add goals from there.
  5. Create a list of reasons why your resolution is important to you. When you find yourself discouraged or on the verge of giving up, having a list of reasons why your resolution is important to you can be a great way to bring yourself back into the game.
  6. Don’t have a “plan B”. Having a backup plan makes it too easy to give up on your original plan. Don’t give yourself an easy way out. Make an actual plan — just one — and stick to it.

If one of your resolutions is to save money, Cirro Energy can help you save on your electricity plan. Visit Cirro Energy’s website for more information on low-cost energy plans, and join Cirro’s social media communities on Facebook and Twitter.